So What Is Swinging?

Well on a simple level it is obviously just having sexual partners other than your usual, generally long term, life partner and doing so with their knowledge, consent and usually participation. However, on a more practical level it is very important to consider what swinging might mean to you as a couple because, as with almost anything in life, there are many variations on this simple theme. Even within a lifestyle that many non scene observers may consider totally debauched, there are significant differences in how couples swing from relatively mild to downright wild!

For example, consider two swinging couples having a Saturday night of sexual adventure in any city in Australia.

Couple one goes to a swingers club where they know single guys are admitted because the lady loves full on, multiple partner sex and doing it in a club satisfies her exhibitionist tendencies. Her partner loves the voyeuristic excitement of watching her get so much attention and enjoys the idea of her being so naughty. Net result; she has sex with 7 guys whilst being watched by half the club and when they're finished her partner joins in to help give a show for the guys that didn't get lucky this time.

Couple two find clubs a little bit full on and prefer a more intimate and selective approach. This involves lots of time viewing profiles on Internet swinger sites, contacting a few couples, maybe arranging to meet in a chat room and then talking on the phone. It's a process they enjoy; it isn't simply a means to an end but a recreational pursuit in its own right and is something they do together as a couple. The outcome of all this planning is a meeting with a couple for drinks under the understanding of a no commitment social evening that can move on to something more if everyone feels good. Net result; a nice evening shared by all and a lovely foursome back at their new friends' house with the promise of more such encounters to come.

Ok, for the sake of demonstration that was two extremes but most couples swing in a way that is somewhere between these extremes. So what are the options out there? Take a look here.

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