Options For Swingers

There are a number of different choices available for couples who would like to dip their toes into the world of swinging. Every couple has different tastes and their own ideas of what swinging should be to them, so here are a few of the options out there.

Swingers Clubs

These provide a safe and supportive environment for likeminded couples to interact with each other both socially and (if they wish) sexually. They are also purpose built, so usually contain a number of play areas that cater for different needs. These often include lockable play rooms, open play areas, themed rooms, S&M rooms with the necessary equipment as well as a bar/lounge area for socializing. Larger clubs also provide some extra facilities such as jacuzzis and outside space.

There's also a considerable difference in the style of individual clubs and overseas clubs are often quite different to ours. For example, in Germany there are many clubs of an extremely high standard which offer a full buffet, free drinks (including alcohol) and swimming pools, sauna and jacuzzi all included in the entry price, which is correspondingly higher than most Australian clubs at up to €100 (AUD130) per couple.

House Parties

These are similar to swingers clubs but are generally held in private houses on either an occasional basis or once a month for example. These parties are usually held in large but discretely positioned houses where some areas are temporarily turned into play areas but are generally of a smaller scale than most swingers clubs because of space constraints (what would you do with 50 horny couples if they turned up at your house?!).

There are a number of different variations on the house party theme with the larger regular ones being complimented by infrequent and smaller ones that are not open to general admission and work on a friends of friends basis. Some of these stay deliberately small and low key and also welcome beginners with a low pressure, less full on atmosphere than a large party or swingers club.

Of course, if you have been swinging for a while and have some regular swinging friends, many people enjoy arranging their own small house parties that are often just like a regular dinner party except everyone has sex together after dessert!

Personals and Swingers Contacts

Meeting other like minded people is obviously a little tricky as swinging is not the sort of thing you can always just bring up casually with people and there was a time when meeting other couples was done through swingers magazines and PO boxes etc. Thankfully this has had all be made so much easier with the advent of the Internet and there are a number of website that offer the chance to meet people.

On these sites, members create a profile and can include information about themselves and photos/videos and there is a search facility to find people in your area and a messaging system to contact prospective couples. There are often extras such as video chat rooms and forums etc which are a great way of getting to know people a little before you move on to meeting them.

We're going to give Adult Match Maker a shameless plug here as we've used this site for some years and have found it the best by far. There are more active, genuine profiles of real swingers here than on any other site in Australia and if you're just looking to dip your toes into swinging it's a great place to start. The other big Australian site Red Hot Pie should be avoided at all costs after losing trust within the swinging community by being caught creating 100's of fake female profiles.

Social Meets

These are, in our view, an excellent option for first time swingers. Social meets are held in normal venues (bars or clubs etc) and seek to bring together like minded couples in a completely pressure free atmosphere. There is usually no facility or opportunity for people to have sex in the venue itself and although people often click and move on to somewhere else to play, the idea of these evenings is to focus on the highly enjoyable social side of swinging. This is a great way for newbies to test the water without any kind of pressure or commitment as sex takes a backstage role.

There's ample opportunity to speak to other swingers about their experiences and thoughts on the lifestyle and many new couples find it really helps them get to grips with how it all works and how it could fit into their sexual and social lives. A visit to a social is also a great way of dispelling preconceptions about swingers, many of which are unfortunately a little negative and most couples find they are much relaxed about the whole idea and are ready (or closer) to having their first swinging experience after visiting a social and digesting what they learnt there.

We could go on and on about the different variations on the themes outlined above but the bottom line is that choice is the essence of swinging. This choice involves taking up your right as an individual and as a couple to choose your own rules within a society that too often dictates behavioural patterns without us even knowing. Part of this choice is to make swinging what you want for you and your relationship and embrace the aspects of it that add something positive to your world, so get out there, explore, and have a few adventures - good luck!

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