Sydney Swingers Social Club

Sydney Swingers was conceived as a sexy social club for couples in open relationships to meet and mingle with other like minded couples in a primarily social atmosphere. Many, if not most swinging couples, enjoy the social side of swinging almost as much as the sex but the difficulties in finding suitable potential playmates can be frustrating.

The philosophy at Sydney Swingers is that it all starts with having some fun and the best way to do this is have a fantastic venue (some of Sydney's most up market bars and night spots) and providing a very relaxed, no pressure and sociable atmosphere. Add to this the fact that you know for certain everyone there is open to playing with other couples and you get a very special mixture with an electric sexual atmosphere but absolutely no expectations from anyone.

Sadly, Sydney Swingers is not operating at the moment but from long experience in the "scene" we know that in addition to whatever other means they use to meet people, probably 90% of the couples we know are listed on Adult Match Maker. We use this site ourselves and can honestly say it has more active members than anywhere else we've tried.

Take a look at the Adult Match Maker Sydney members currently seeking partners:

Adult Match Maker is a very transparent site in that you can get a good idea which members are actually actively seeking partners at the moment because you can clearly see when they were last on line, which is a feature other sites often don't offer. There are also a range of membership options including free accounts that allow you to get a good idea of local members without having to commit to anything.

Whatever you do, please, please avoid Red Hot Pie like the plague, especially if you are a single male. We know they're absolutely everywhere on the Internet but this huge player in the swinging scene was recently charged with creating almost 1400 fake single female profiles. Not only were these used to entice people to join, but fake messages from the profiles were sent to male members just as their memberships were due to expire to encourage them to renew. Absolutely disgraceful behavior and Red Hot Pie's owners Jetplace were left looking rightfully shame faced. In short, we recommend you don't touch this website!!

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